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Otl Aicher Illustration (by sandiv999)

"You imaged the words on this piece of paper. You put the piece of paper down on the board. You took a photograph of the piece of paper, You made a negative. You transmitted it. You reimaged it. You made a plate… Each time you did that, it kind of bled a little. Dow Text was meant to bleed through all of those reimagings and then, when you actually printed it, it looked fine.” Until, that is, the printing process simplified. When there were fewer steps, Dow Text bled less, and suddenly it looked “kind of thin and washed out.” ("What Makes The Wall Street Journal Look Like The Wall Street Journal” The Atlantic)

“We’re still pretending that we’re inventing a brain when all we’ve come up with is a giant mash-up of real brains. “… “People are unwittingly feeding information into the Cloud for automated services, which they’re not being paid for.” [Jaron Lanier] said. “You have this fantasy that it’s machines doing it without people helping. We are throwing people out of work based on a fantasy.”

In a digital update of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” Silicon Valley is siphoning and pilfering human intelligence to feed Mr. Roboto to replace us.

NYTimes - Silicon Valley Sharknado (via algopop)
How An Intelligent Thimble Could Replace the Mouse In 3D Virtual Reality Worlds | MIT Technology Review

twitter sans-humans specimen No. 2 via G Miller

Yo messaging app used to alert Israelis about incoming rocket attacks - Gadgets and Tech - Life and Style - The Independent

As the exchange of missiles between Israeli and Hamas intensifies, Israeli programmers have created an update for the Yo mobile app that alerts users when a rocket strike is imminent.

The Silicon Valley messaging app lets users exchange only a single word (“Yo”) and has been hailed as both “downright idiotic” and “unrivalled genius” after receiving more than $1 million in funding last month.

According to the Times of Israel, the new use for the app was created by local coders to complement their iOS and Android app Red Alert – a free download that use information from the Israeli Defense Force and Homefront Command to deliver the location and time of predicted rocket strikes.

Yo users in Israel and abroad can now add the user name REDALERTISRAEL on the app to receive push notifications on their smartphones whenever a rocket is inbound.